2017-2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Tournament

NEW 2018 Basketball Tournament Handbook..
This is the tournament handbook from the 2017-2018 season.. Coaches should refer to the Handbook should they have any questions about procedures before contacting the committee. Thank you.
1/12/18 Section V Welcomes Lattimore Physical Therapy.
Section V Basketball is pleased to announce a new multi-year partnership with Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation.
Read the Press Release Here.
1/14/18 Section V "Coach of the Year" Balloting.
The balloting for Coach of the Year beings this week. The deadline for casting your ballot is Thursday 2/8/18. All emailed nominations must be from a verifiable email address. No texts will be allowed to count.
Intstructions for Coaches.
1/14/18 2017-2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Scholarships
The Section V Boys' Basketball Tournament Committee offers 3 scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are now opened and may be applied for by the deadlines indicated on the descriptions and the applications. Student-Athletes in Section V Basketball and encouraged to consider and apply if they feel that they are qualified to do so.
Click Here for Scholarship Information.
2018 Section V Tournament Brackets UNOFFICIAL.
These brackets are posted for Entertainment purposes only. They are linked to my points report and sorts. No ties are broken and will not be until the committee meets on February 16th to confirm accuracy, break ties, and deem the brackets official. Note the date of updates on the brackets.

2017-2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Season

NEW 2017-2018 Seeding Points
UNOFFICIAL Updated Seeding Points Report 2017-2018. Presented by the Coaches and The Section V Boys' Basketball Coaches and Officials. The Final 2017-2018 Seeding Points Report has been verified by the league chairmen on 2/16/18.
NEW 2017-2018 Season Calendar.
Beginning 11/24/17: Nightly Scoreboard Results, Links to game details and storylines submitted by coaches and teams, dates for Sectionals, Regionals, States, and Federation will all be added when they received.
NEW 11/1/7/17 2017-2018 OFFICIAL Classifications.
Recieved Today (12/1/17): The Official 2017-2018 Classifications for Section V Boys' Basketball.
Click Here for a Printable Version.

11/7/17 2017-2018 Team Schedules
11/7/17: Uploading Schedules Started. League Chairmen are being kept informed of progress.
**For Entertainment Purposes Only. Always check with your school before you attend a game.**
NEW 11/13/17 2017-2018 Team Roster & Photo Submissions.
Coaches: Rosters may be submitted beginning 11/13/17
Click on the Link for Details. Thank you. Roster Submission.
The Spalding Legacy Basketball
The Spalding Spaulding Legacy Basketball will be the Official Game Ball of the 2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Sectional Tournament.
NEW History The Sectional History of Section V Boys' Basketball .
Under Construction: A complete history of the Section V Boys' High School Basketball Tournament.
History New York State Brackets .
Updated Website: Richard Aylward's Project: A complete history of the New York State Boys' High School Basketball Tournament, 1921-2016.
2017 2017 Basketball Tournament Handbook..
Reposted by Request. This is the tournament handbook from the 2016-2017 season..

2017-2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Pre-Season

NEW Clinics, Scrimmage, Schedule Requests - Spring, Summer and Fall 2017.
Spring, Summer and Fall 2017 - Updated: 12/9/17
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Section V Boys' Basketball's Facebook Page. Games Results and Photos Through the NY State Championships.
  Section V Boys' Basketball on Twitter
Section V Boys' Basketball Tweets. Games Results and Norifications when the Website is Updated.

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