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2017-2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Season

NEW 2017-2018 Season Calendar.
Posted 4/23/17: Scoreswire Daily Results, Dates for Sectionals, Regionals, States, and Federation will all be added when they received.
Coming Soon Fall 2017 2017-2018 Seeding Points
UNOFFICIAL Updated Seeding Points Report 2017-2018. Presented by the Coaches and The Section V Boys' Basketball Coaches and Officials. The Final 2017-2018 Seeding Points Report has been verified by the league chairmen on 2/16/18.
5/24/17 2017-2018 UNOFFICIAL Classifications.
Posted 5/24/17: This is the first preliminary posting of the 2017-2018 Classification numbers. Watch the dates on this posting if and when they are re-released.
Printable Version - Click Here.
Coming Soon Fall 2017 2017-2018 Team Schedules
**For Entertainment Purposes Only. Always check with your school before you attend a game.**
Coming Soon Fall 2017 2017-2018 Team Roster & Photo Submissions.
Coaches: Rosters may be submitted beginning 11/13/17
Click on the Link for Details. Thank you. Roster Submission.
The Spaulding Legacy Basketball
The Spaulding Spaulding Legacy Basketball will be the Official Game Ball of the 2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Sectional Tournament.
NEW History The Sectional History of Section V Boys' Basketball .
Under Construction: A complete history of the Section V Boys' High School Basketball Tournament.
History New York State Brackets .
Updated Website: Richard Aylward's Project: A complete history of the New York State Boys' High School Basketball Tournament, 1921-2016.

2017-2018 Section V Boys' Basketball Pre-Season

NEW Clinics, Scrimmage, Schedule Requests - Spring, Summer and Fall 2017.
Updates usually within 24 hours -Spring, Summer and Fall 2017
NEW Coaching Openings Fall-Winter 2017-2018.
A page to list the coaching vacancies that have been emailed to me in the Summer/Fall of 2017.
  Section V Boys' Basketball on Facebook
Section V Boys' Basketball's Facebook Page. Games Results and Photos Through the NY State Championships.
  Section V Boys' Basketball on Twitter
Section V Boys' Basketball Tweets. Games Results and Norifications when the Website is Updated.

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