Philip Abel
Section V Boys' Basketball Committee
Creator and Manager of
In 1992, Phil was asked on to the boys' basketball tournament committee.  As seeding coordinator it was necessary to track all 120 teams through their 20 game schedules, record wins and losses, and assign the correct seeding point rules for each game.  With the help of many people, a process was put in place that allowed this to happen, and in 1994, the website: was created.
John Doser - Rochester Radio and Television Sports
John started collecting boys' basketball scores for the media in 1974.  He would fax them to the media nightly that they would have them for broadcast.  He also read them nightly on WHAM 1180 radio.  In 1993 he agreed to work with Phil Abel from the basketball committee to share scores collected for the purpose of tracking game results for seeding and records.
In a very short period of time, John was receiving score reporting from all leagues and all 120 boys' basketball teams.
Mike Doser
Rochester Radio, TV, and Internet Sports
Founder -
Mike took over scores reporting from his father, John.  Working with Phil Abel and Section V Boys' Basketball, he quickly became the go-to source of scores and game highlights reporting across the section.