• Open this form on your computer in Microsoft excel. Fill it out.
  • Save this form to your computer. Attach it in an email back to me at pkabel@frontiernet.net

  • 2. Team Photo Submission:
  • IMPORTANT! Have your photographer take one photo with image settings 640x480 pixels for the website. This makes a great image, and I don't have to "resize" the photo, or code the photo in for the website. Just another chance to make a mistake.
  • Take a good digital photograph of your team. In Game Uniforms with jersey numbers showing. Choose an appropriate backdrop. Team photos taken in a back hallway, or in locker rooms are discouraged.
  • Fill out an email with the names of your players by rows from Left To Right and attach it to an email back to me.
  • Send this email and attach the digital photo. I will forward to the proper people.

    If, after December 15th, you have a professional image done, and would like to submit that, it's simply a matter of reloading the new file. The important thing is that we gather all photos in the event that your team goes deep in to the post-season, and we need the photo for the tournament program. Your athletes will enjoy seeing their team photo on this website all year, also.

    Email me at pkabel@frontiernet.net

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