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High School Sport Stats is going to designate this page as a clearing house of information to coaches and administrators as we answer your colleague's questions about the site as WORD documents or PDFs. There may not be any real order to the documents but perhaps you might find the information useful and helpful. Most of the docs will be in text format, but some will include screen shots from the site where appropriate.
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High School Sport Stats welcomes Section III Winter Volleyball and Section VI Boys' Basketball.

Coaches AD's Registering for the Site
After you send your request for access, you will have to be approved by the chairmen or HSSS. This process can take a little while. You will be notified when you are approved.
Updates for 2021-2022

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Pre-Season Notes and Page Maintenance:

Updates 2/15/22: How to Enter and Maintain Your Team Roster (Import Previous Season) - Coaches / Administrators

Updates 2/15/22: How to Enter and Maintain Your Team Schedule - Coaches / Administrators

Emailing Local Media - Setup Local Email Listings

Setting up the Header on your team page.

In-Season Page Maintenance:

Updates 3/11/22: How to Enter Game Results and Stats - New Screen Icons

How to Edit Your Team Schedule for Game 2 of a 2 Night Tournament - Coaches / Administrators

How to Cancel (Postpone) a Game in a Matter of Seconds - Coaches / Administrators

Indicate Where a Broadcasted Game Might be Found - Coaches / Administrators

More Additions to your Page.

How to Post a Team Announcement or an Article to your Team Page.

How to Upload a Team Photo (Section III and VI)

Updates 2/15/22:Printing Game Previews with Stats and Rosters from Team Pages.

2021-2022: Updates for Rosters and Stats: Post Game Reporting

Note: It is the final score for a game that updates the records and standings in classifications and leagues. A final score can be entered and saved. All standings update. Stats can be entered at a later time by returning to Coach Tools Console and selecting the Edit Icon again.

Updating Scores and Stats: Field Hockey

Updating Scores and Stats: Football

Updating Scores and Stats: Soccer

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